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Psychic Bob Olson: The Renowned Psychic Investigator and His Remarkable Journey

In the realm of psychic phenomena and spiritual exploration, one name that has gained widespread recognition is Bob Olson. His remarkable journey from a skeptical investigative journalist to a renowned psychic investigator and author has captivated the curiosity of countless seekers. In this article, we will delve into the life, work, and contributions of Bob Olson to the world of psychics and paranormal investigations.

The Skeptic Turned Believer

Bob Olson’s journey into the world of psychics began with skepticism. As a former private investigator and journalist, he initially approached paranormal and psychic phenomena with a critical eye. However, a personal experience that defied logical explanation would change his perspective forever.

In 1999, Bob Olson’s father passed away, prompting him to seek solace and answers in the world of psychics and mediums. It was during these encounters that he had a life-changing experience that convinced him of the authenticity of psychic abilities. This turning point would lead him down an entirely new path in life.

The Afterlife TV Series

Bob Olson’s transformation from skeptic to believer inspired him to share his journey and discoveries with the world. In 2011, he founded “Afterlife TV,” a web series and platform dedicated to exploring topics related to the afterlife, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. Through interviews with renowned psychics, mediums, and experts in the field, Bob provided a platform for individuals to learn, reflect, and connect with the mysteries of the unseen.

The show became immensely popular, reaching a global audience and fostering discussions about life after death, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and other paranormal subjects. Bob’s interviews with renowned figures in the psychic and spiritual community helped bridge the gap between skepticism and belief for many viewers.

The Best Psychic Directory

In addition to his web series, Bob Olson created the “Best Psychic Directory,” an online platform that provides a trusted resource for individuals seeking reputable and authentic psychic and medium readings. The directory features carefully vetted psychics, mediums, and spiritual practitioners, offering visitors a reliable means of finding experienced and ethical professionals.

Through the Best Psychic Directory, Bob Olson has played a pivotal role in promoting transparency and integrity within the psychic and mediumship industry. He has tirelessly worked to protect individuals from fraudulent practices and to connect seekers with genuine psychic talent.

Authorship and Advocacy

Bob Olson is also an accomplished author, having penned several books that explore the world of psychics, mediumship, and the afterlife. His books, such as “Answers about the Afterlife” and “The Magic Mala,” provide valuable insights into spiritual growth, healing, and the profound mysteries of existence.

Furthermore, Bob continues to advocate for the ethical practice of psychic and mediumship services. He emphasizes the importance of discernment and responsibility when seeking guidance from psychics and mediums and strives to empower individuals to make informed choices about their spiritual journeys.


Bob Olson’s journey from skeptic to advocate for the psychic and spiritual world is a testament to the transformative power of personal experience and open-mindedness. His contributions through “Afterlife TV,” the “Best Psychic Directory,” and his books have had a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals seeking answers and solace in the realm of psychic phenomena and the afterlife.

Through his work, Bob Olson has bridged the gap between skepticism and belief, providing a platform for exploration, learning, and connection. As a prominent figure in the world of psychics and paranormal investigations, he continues to inspire and guide seekers on their own journeys of spiritual discovery.

Psychic Bob Olson: The Renowned Psychic Investigator and His Remarkable Journey
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